Saturday, October 3, 2009


I never gave much thought to shaving for about 65 years. I vaguely remember using a double edge blade. Then I recall a single cartridge with two blades that eventually became 3 blades, then Mach 3.
My wife would keep me supplied with cans of shaving foams and gels. A quick rinse, on with gel and a couple of minutes and a few scrapes later I would jump in the shower. 10 minutes in the shower room was about it.
So by last year I was on to a Gillette M3 power razor and blades. Then one day I began to grumble about the cost of replacement blades. Something triggered a google search and I began to wonder about going back to an old fashioned method of shaving. I figured I could buy a decent razor for around £30, double edge blades for a few pence each, a brush for a fiver and some cheap shaving soap or cream. It seemed to me that the savings in buying M3 blades would quickly offset the new investment.
I read some reviews on Amazon and bought a Merkur razor, made a trip to Tesco for the rest and was on my way.
So I suppose that the answer to "Why?" was to save money. That makes me smile now.

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