Saturday, March 31, 2012

Razor preferences

I've used lots of razors. These are the survivors. From the left: Gillette Single Ring, Shavex, Gillette Tech, Lord L122, Jagger Chatsworth, Merkur 38C.

For a long time, the Merkur was my favourite, then the Jagger Chatsworth. More forgiving than the Merkur, I loved the Chatsworth for it's weight, length of handle and shaving performance. The Single Ring is much too aggressive, so is rarely used.

Then a few weeks ago, for a change, I used an old Gillette Slim Twist. I was surprised by the comfort of the shave. Less aggressive than the Chatsworth and a razor that didn't need to be used quite so carefully - more relaxing. I then moved on to an old Shavex. This was just as forgiving as the Twist but seemed to more cleanly remove the lather - a bit less messy.

Then I figured that the Shavex head was very similar to the Gillette Tech. And that the Lord razors were virtual copies of the Tech.

So I bought both an old Gillette Tech and a new Lord 122. Both of which I now much prefer to my early favourites.

The Lord is a cheap razor and the quality isn't as good as the Gillettes or Jagger. But it's efficient and delivers a smooth close shave. I prefer the Tech head and the longer handle of the Lord. So I'm now using a hybrid - the Tech head with the Lord Handle. A Gillord Tech?

Funny how our preferences can change so much over time. Perhaps a good reason for hanging on to things?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Razor collections

This is the tip of the iceberg:

Take a good look at this thread!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just the day for a ride.

But first, the shave. The 1918 Gillette Single Ring is an open comb razor. Nice close shave. But. Great care needed. Very light pressure still left a slight soreness where I get none at all with milder razors. I guess regular use would improve things but I much prefer to stick with a razor that makes for a comfortable relaxed shave. The old Coates Almond is still going and makes superb creamy protective lather.

Now for the ride..........

Then an afternoon's table tennis with old golfing pals.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My razor "collection"

I'm down to my Jagger Chatsworth, Merkur 38C, and Gillette Slim Twist plus these two more interesting oldies. A Gillette 1918 Single Ring and a Shavex - the latter is in regular use, close shave but relatively mild. Don't see many around. Must have been as cheap as chips.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

High loft Two Band

This brush is a sample I obtained and tested before having my first brush manufactured in China and before I began making them in the New Forest. The new logo was added later.
This is an unused example of what became the New Forest 2201 Superior Badger 2201.

Both these brushes were made with a 22mm x 65mm knot. The loft of the 2201 was 50mm - a loft I knew would be more popular than the one used for the sample brush which was 58mm. The 2201 brush, like all short lofted two bands, does not bloom very much. But with the loft set at 58mm it shows a very different appearance and performs like a much larger brush.

The sample brush is now one of my personal favourites. It still has a reasonably strong backbone, has a great flow through and the soft tips make for a luxurious shaving experience.

Short lofted brushes remain popular. But in future, I may well offer a 22mm knot with a 55mm loft two band along with a 50mm version.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair growth

Someone asked if hair grew faster at night. I came up with this

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another fine pic.

Picture says it all!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

More about shedding.

Shavers often express concern about the loss of hairs from their shaving brushes - although this guy may be more worried about hair loss elsewhere. There are many threads about shedding, as we call it, on the shaving forums. Here's one of particular interest. It includes a very interesting post by Mark Watterson about Simpsons brushes. Well worth a read if you have concerns about this issue.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blooming Tubby

Someone asked me to provide a photo of a New Forest Tubby 2 in ivory showing how the brush looks after it has been used. A couple of trial latherings and here it is. The brush has a 26mm knot with a loft of 54mm.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


From Jagger Chatsworth and Merkur 38C, it's back to an old Gillette Slim Twist. It's just so comfortable and relaxing. Being a milder razor, there's far less risk of cuts and nicks and although not careless I don't need to be quite so careful as I am with my modern razors. My original Coates Sandalwood is now coming to the end - still more pots to go. Wilkinson Hydro Balm continues to impress - really good value. The brush is New Forest Best Badger - coming soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

UK shops and online vendors

A link to a list of UK shops and online vendors - worth checking out.

Shaving bowl 20p

My latest shaving bowl for use with smaller brushes. The brush has a 20mm knot with a loft of 50mm. Plenty of lather for at least three passes. Diameter 10cm, depth 4.5cm. From a junk shop in Lymington - price 20p. I gave the seller 50p - last of the big spenders, that's me!

The point is, you don't need to spend a lot on any shaving item to get a decent shave.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Martin de Candre

I bought my Martin de Candre soap in December 2009. I've finally scooped out what's left and put it in the base of a spare bowl - easier to get at! It's a lovely soap, great scent and lather. But it's expensive and shipping costs are high. Still not sure I'll replace it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Forest 1901 Super Badger Two Band

It's great to see a message like this to start the day!

I've been using your brush for the last few mornings and I must say, it is an absolute joy to use. Everything about it just works marvelously. I face lather with soaps exclusively and this brush is a true pleasure for that. I sincerely doubt this will be my last purchase from you!

Thanks again,


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making and applying lather

I have used a variety of soaps and creams and different methods of making and applying lather. More and more now, I use creams and make my lather in a bowl using just the tips of the brush. I then most often just gently paint on the lather using the tips of the brush in sweeping movements from side to side across my face from my ears to the centre on both sides. It feels very luxurious compared with a vigorous session of face lathering with circular scrubby motions. I still do that sometimes, but no so often as I used to.

And I don't overdo the amount of lather like I often did when I went back to DE shaving. Not too little but not too much.

But on the other hand, whichever method I use, I still get a pretty good shave. As always  - to each his own!

I took this photo from an article about lathering on Shaving 101. Here's an interesting post about the use of shaving bowls:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tigris Perla

This brush is made from a material called "Tigris Perla"

This material is often used in the making of pens. I have tried to find out the meaning of Tigris Perla and came up with this:

Tigris comes from an old Persian word that can be translated as "fast" or "arrow like". The meaning of Perla is pearl.

I'm still not sure why this material was given its name!

The brush is a New Forest Tubby 1 Finest Silvertip. It will be available soon along with a Two band version. I'm still thinking about the possibility of placing the decal logo underneath the handle as in its normal place it may not look so good against the patterned background.