Saturday, March 31, 2012

Razor preferences

I've used lots of razors. These are the survivors. From the left: Gillette Single Ring, Shavex, Gillette Tech, Lord L122, Jagger Chatsworth, Merkur 38C.

For a long time, the Merkur was my favourite, then the Jagger Chatsworth. More forgiving than the Merkur, I loved the Chatsworth for it's weight, length of handle and shaving performance. The Single Ring is much too aggressive, so is rarely used.

Then a few weeks ago, for a change, I used an old Gillette Slim Twist. I was surprised by the comfort of the shave. Less aggressive than the Chatsworth and a razor that didn't need to be used quite so carefully - more relaxing. I then moved on to an old Shavex. This was just as forgiving as the Twist but seemed to more cleanly remove the lather - a bit less messy.

Then I figured that the Shavex head was very similar to the Gillette Tech. And that the Lord razors were virtual copies of the Tech.

So I bought both an old Gillette Tech and a new Lord 122. Both of which I now much prefer to my early favourites.

The Lord is a cheap razor and the quality isn't as good as the Gillettes or Jagger. But it's efficient and delivers a smooth close shave. I prefer the Tech head and the longer handle of the Lord. So I'm now using a hybrid - the Tech head with the Lord Handle. A Gillord Tech?

Funny how our preferences can change so much over time. Perhaps a good reason for hanging on to things?

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