Tuesday, March 20, 2012

High loft Two Band

This brush is a sample I obtained and tested before having my first brush manufactured in China and before I began making them in the New Forest. The new logo was added later.
This is an unused example of what became the New Forest 2201 Superior Badger 2201.

Both these brushes were made with a 22mm x 65mm knot. The loft of the 2201 was 50mm - a loft I knew would be more popular than the one used for the sample brush which was 58mm. The 2201 brush, like all short lofted two bands, does not bloom very much. But with the loft set at 58mm it shows a very different appearance and performs like a much larger brush.

The sample brush is now one of my personal favourites. It still has a reasonably strong backbone, has a great flow through and the soft tips make for a luxurious shaving experience.

Short lofted brushes remain popular. But in future, I may well offer a 22mm knot with a 55mm loft two band along with a 50mm version.


  1. Fido, how do I get a brush like the top photo (high loft) .... Would you like to part company with the 58 mm sample brush?

    thanks Doug

  2. I'm sorry Doug - it's one of my very first two brushes that I want to keep in my archives. I don't make custom brushes - plenty of people do, so you could get one that way. I'm several weeks from producing another batch of 22 mm two bands which will include higher lofts, but probably no higher than 54/55mm.

  3. I totally understand and was half kidding.... I do love my 2201 .... Hopefully in the future you will make a 58....... Cheers, Doug.