Monday, January 18, 2010

A new direction

I've taken a break from posting to concentrate on shaving brush research. I started by taking a look at British brush makers and then other European and American makers and brands. I wanted to know more about how brushes are made, by whom and how they are sold. I have bought more brushes so that I have a really good cross section of types and brands on the market today. I have started a new blog about shaving brushes and will post photos and reviews for each brush in my growing collection. A bit like my bell collection blogs.

Meanwhile, each day I enjoy better and better shaves with my delightful collection of shaving paraphernalia.

So until I have completed my shaving brush blog, I'll leave this blog as it is.

Meanwhile you can see my progress here:

Fido's Shaving Brush Blog.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Razor

This is the Chatsworth Chrome. It has the highly rated new head jointly sourced by Jagger with Muhle. Some people claim it has made DE shaving too easy! I think that means it's good and I find it very good indeed. I have been using a new Jagger head for several months now but I pefer a heavy razor. This weighs in at 115g compared with my first Jagger with the new head which is 60g. Here it is alongside my other Jagger and Merkur 38C. These will serve me well for many years.

Happy New Year!

After all the activity of last year it is bound to be much quieter in the coming months. With twenty creams and soaps I want to make a dent in them before adding more. Another brush soon to arrive will make nine - which will give me enough options for now. A new razor came yesterday to add to the three DE as well as straight razors. I might just run out of after shave before the year is out so there might be a need for action there.
So during the coming months it's going to be a question of really getting to know the various things I have and how to make the best use of them. I find that everything tends to get better as you gain more experience with using things. Shaving is no different.
I'll keep the blog going, try to visit some of the London barber shops and keep an eye on the forums and see how it goes.

Happy new year!