Wednesday, March 14, 2012


From Jagger Chatsworth and Merkur 38C, it's back to an old Gillette Slim Twist. It's just so comfortable and relaxing. Being a milder razor, there's far less risk of cuts and nicks and although not careless I don't need to be quite so careful as I am with my modern razors. My original Coates Sandalwood is now coming to the end - still more pots to go. Wilkinson Hydro Balm continues to impress - really good value. The brush is New Forest Best Badger - coming soon.


  1. I agree with you on the Gillettes. I use a 1959 Super Speed and a 1940's Rocket, which was made in England and is super rare. I'm currently searching for a Schick Krona and a couple of straight razors.

  2. I'm quite surprised at how sharp I now find the Chatsworth and Merkur. I've also been using my old Shavex. I've just bought an old Gillette Tech and a Lord razor based on the Tech design.