Friday, October 30, 2009

Shaving addicts.

The craving must be satisfied. I remember this phrase being used by George Houghton in his "Confessions of a Golf Addict"
 There was a time when I groaned when the time to shave loomed. Couldn't wait to get it over with. Now during the evening I wander up to my bedroom open the stash and take my time in loading my tray for the next morning. Cream or soap? Then which one? Pre shave - no, give it a miss. Duke or shavemac, better be Semogue. Which mug? Alum - do I really need it? Now which razor - hows my skin feeling - new blade? Perhaps I'll use the scuttle, put back the mug. And I used to think Ruth took a long time to get ready.
 Then when it's time to get cracking the next morning - why did I go for Tabac? Think I'll take the cade.

I take comfort I'm not alone and think about chaps like these:

This one. That one.

Funny lot humans.

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