Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Choosing a shaving brush

What car should I get? Would you ask such an open ended question? A little Fiat would get you around. So would a Rolls Royce.
 A shaving brush is such a personal thing. Most will get the job done. But some will give you a lot more pleasure than others.
Some people delight in spending as little as possible to achieve their goals. They will find great value in boars. Those who are happy to spend what it takes to get real comfort and luxury will go for badgers.
Size is something else. You may love the big Lexus but find the biggest badger brushes just too big.
Degree of softness too, is a tricky issue. The very best quality tips may produce a floppy brush which may not suit a face latherer.
Handles vary. You must find one that is comfortable for you.
If there was one item to handle before  you buy, it has to be a shaving brush.
Yesterday, I looked at a wide selection of shaving brushes in Hungerford. Reviews and pictures had given me a short list to look at. I was not happy with any of them. It was not until I picked them up and handled them that I really appreciated what they had to offer me.
I decided that there was nothing that would induce me to buy another brush. My Duke 3 best, Kent BK8 and Semogues 1305 and 2000 meet all my needs. The only thing that might have challenged them was a Simpsons Chubby super 1.5 (The 2 was too big for me and the 1 too small) I'm that fussy!
This is so difficult. Most shavers just cannot get into stores which stock a large selection to handle before buying. So they rely on reviews and hope for the best. No doubt many are happy with that. But if you intend to spend a lot of money, try hard to see it first.

The photo

That's a Simpsons Polo P10 - picked at random (not mine)

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