Friday, October 9, 2009


For more years than I can remember I had one razor, a few blades, one can of shaving foam and one after shave.
Then one day I got to think that around £1.60 was too much to pay for a blade.
A few months later I have:

7 razors
A variety of blades that will last me at least three years.
8 shaving creams, 4 soaps, unopened samples.
4 after shaves, 1 moisturiser, 1 cologne.
An alum block
2 scuttles, brush scuttle,shaving mug,lather bowl (official ones) plus makeshift bowls from IKEA and junk shops.
And 4 shaving brushes.

I reckon I've saved about £75 on blades.

If I live long enough, I'll break even sometime.

Now you think this is a lot? Some guy on a forum claims he has around 36 creams and soaps he uses in rotation. Probably has a brush for each one!

I'm just a beginner.

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