Friday, October 9, 2009


Anyone who has googled on shaving is bound to come across Mantic's videos and blog. So I was quite surprised to see that he is a follower of this blog. So I sent him a message:

Hi Mantic

I was surprised and pleased to see that you are following my blog.
My blogging interest started with my bell collection which I began to publish in June 2006. I have had a great response to it.
Your shaving videos and blog are amazing. You have clearly put an incredible amount of work into them. But most of all you have helped so many people. It's both fun and practical.
I have seen a lot of your material and it really deserves the praise it gets in the shaving community.
My little shaving blog is going to be in a completely different mode. I once read a series of books under the title "Golf Addict" by George Houghton. I collected all 36. One of them was titled "Confessions of a Golf Addict" It was a hoot. It really got inside the mind of a typical golf enthusiast for whom his sport was a total addiction. Really funny. Now I could never match that. But I will try in my blog to develop posts which illustrate the enthusiasm it is possible to have for this simple daily ritual.
I'm going to include this email as a post in my blog. And if you don't object, I will include your reply.

Best wishes


Hi Peter!

Sorry for the delayed reply.  I am always on the look out for discussions about traditional shaving.  Your site has been added to my list of shaving blogs as well.  Its amazing how something as "simple" as shaving can generate so much passion and interest with people.  Yes, making shaving videos can be a lot of work but it has also been a lot of fun too.  The funny thing is I never thought they would be very popular: I initially created them as a sort of reference and assumed they would languish somewhere with just a few views.  Instead I seem to have hit a nerve with people!

I'll be watching your blog with interest!  Hopefully I will be able to contribute a comment or two along the way.


Shavers united!

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