Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre Shave Oil

This is supplied by all the main shaving product distributors. Some people make their own. Several ideas here.
I picked up some castor oil today - 16p for 100ml at a closing down sale. 70/30 with olive oil from the kitchen cupboard plus drops of Lavender. A lot less than the 59 ml I have ordered from Truefitt and Hills for £16.50.
I will be trying my concoction over the next couple of weeks and will update this post with my findings.

It took just two days to decide this was not for me. It is too greasy. Although my skin felt extra smooth, I didn't like the feeling of having a thin layer of oil over my face all day. The basin was more messy too and I noticed a film of oil on my brush. No more home made brews for me. I am waiting for deliveries of the pre shave products of Truefitt and Hill and Castle Forbes. Will review those later.

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