Saturday, October 3, 2009


Thought I would keep this going for a while as much for my own interest as anything.

My interest really took off when I came across shaving forums. I registered with three. Soon got banned from the biggest because I complained about my post on The Gentleman's Shop visit being moved without explanation. For a website based in a country that gave "The Wire" to the world I found it incredible that I should be banned for using some mildly strong language. Banned for life. No appeal. Great move for transatlantic relations. C'est la vie. Badger and Blade by the way.

So I moved on and now get a lot of help from a great bunch on The Shaving Room based in my own country. I also registered on The Shave Den. Another friendly crowd offering lots of advice.

So a good piece of advice for anyone taking up an interest. Find a friendly forum, read, then if you need to, ask for help. But you need a thick skin - you may find that not everyone is as pleasant as you are.

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