Sunday, October 4, 2009


They come in all shapes and sizes. Badger, boar, bristle, synthetic. Lots of grades from supersoft to scrubby, floppy or stiff, short, tall,fat and thin. Just like us. Pricey and cheap. Pay your money and make your choice. Endless discussions on the forums. Need one for soaps, one for creams? One for everything? One for every day of the week, or month it seems in some cases.
As for me. I chose one silvertip badger, one best badger and two cheap boars. Which is best? Still assessing. They are all very good. Will I add more. You bet!
In the photo, left to right: Simpson's Duke 3, Kent BK8, Semogue 2000, Semogue 1305.
Some like them up. Some like them down. So here they are, both ways.

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