Monday, October 19, 2009

The Mach 3

As I have reported, endlessly, I had a so called traditional barber's shave at The Gentleman's Shop.
I was very surprised that my barber used a Mach 3 on a sensitive area on my chin and above the upper lip. This is apparently common practice among some of the London barbers and elsewhere as far as I know. I rather like this Mach 3 bearing The Gentleman's Shop logo. So it's now part of my daily toolkit. I've been using it for the same sensitive area where I have a little mole I try to avoid with my DE.

The other day I did a complete gentle 4th pass with my Mach 3. While it left an incredibly smooth skin. I won't be doing that again. I simply didn't enjoy the experience half as much as the pleasant slow pass I make with the DE. I'll use the Mach 3 for touch ups. I guess that way I'll feel like the traditional modern barber. Because I guess that's what we should call them if they use a Mach 3 in the traditional wet shave routine.

And, of course,the posh Mach 3 does look good and is pleasant to hold.

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