Friday, November 19, 2010

Simply perfect!

This is the New Forest High Mountain Badger 2221 due to be released in January. It is such a joy to use. Todays Castle Forbes Lavender produced an explosion of lather in a bowl. A gentle painting then a massage in circular motions illustrated just how soft the tips of this brush are. The 22mm/ 46 mm spec makes it an ideal size for lathering while retaining control of the brush. The Jagger Chatsworth/Red Personna make a great combination and I must soon think about some more Cucumber and Rose Milk!


  1. Fido, so what's the difference between your new HM brush and the 2211 in terms of stiffness, feel, etc? Or is it just the rarity of the hair. Is it a 5% increment in plush or a 50% increment.
    Curious, Paul

  2. Although a shorter loft, the fan shape creates a slightly larger brush area on the face. It has a slightly "springier" backbone and the softest tips of any brush I have tried, including my Plisson High Mountain White. Really hard to talk in terms of increment. Once you experience the delights of the very best silvertips the improvements are marginal - a bit like top end hi - fi, but it's there. But to be honest, at what will be a price of £45 shipped, it's a no brainer. I have all the top brands and it matches any of them. The hair is more expensive because of it's rarity but it no way justifies the Plisson prices.