Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shaving Forums

I started keeping a record of forum numbers last year. This is a comparison with numbers on 17 November each year:

                                             2009               2010

Badger and Blade                 18273             31637
Straight Razor Place              15843             27194
Shave My Face                       6143               6998
The Shave Den                       2822              5053
The Shaving Room                   172                628
Dam Fine Shave                                            404 
Shave Ready                                                 288
Pogonotomy                                                   53        

Total                                    43703            72255 

Probably a lot of multiple registrations across forums, but no doubt about the growth in numbers. I will continue to monitor. Apologies to Forums I've not included. Happy to add numbers if anyone can supply the figures.


  1. I had no idea shving is so talked about. Thanks for the stats.

  2. It's the growth that's so interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on the numbers in the years ahead.