Friday, November 26, 2010

Shaving "Passes"

I don't recall anyone telling me how to shave. Most of my life I used goo or foam bought by my wife and scraped it off with the latest razor or blades she gave me at Christmas. I never thought of applying additional lather or systematically shaving in different directions. I just felt my face to find remaining bits of stubble and had another go at that area. I simply hated shaving - particularly with a new blade. Looking back, it's no wonder I so often ended up cursing the nicks and cuts.

These days, thanks to all the advice that I've picked up on the internet, shaving is now a daily ritual I really look forward to. I assemble the team for the day and take my time. Now I shave my face in three different directions. Before each "pass" I apply fresh lather. I finish off by gently squeezing out some lather left in the brush for a fourth tidy up. All the time focusing on slow gentle strokes of the razor. For the next few hours I never can resist a little bit of faceturbating to confirm just how good my shave was that day.

The shaving forums can be a bit of a bear pit at times. But I am hugely indebted to all those people who take the time and trouble to post advice and suggestions for those of us who decide to take more interest in improving our shaving ritual.

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