Saturday, November 13, 2010

A post on a shaving forum:

I think I actually enjoy less dense brushes...

So I have purchased a rediculous amount of brushes in the last few weeks (eight to be exact). I have a few Simpson two-bands, a pre-fix Simpson PJ1 in super, a couple TGN silvertip knots, a Wee Scot, and two Vulfix brushes, a 660 small and a 374 both in super badger.

I am having a badger hair melt down...

I honestly do not like my Simpson two-bands, I want so much to love them but I can't. I think they are too scrathy and stiff for me, I can't get passed it.

I recently picked up a PJ1 pre-fix in super and really like it. I think it is because of the fan shape and the softer feel. I keep hearing of these two-band revalations but I can't make mine come to fruition. I think it is the spend more get more misconseption that is coming through.

Basically this is what I can tell you after just a year of wet shaving. If you find a brush, a cream, a soap, a blade, or a razor that works for you, stick with it. No matter what everyone else is using, who cares!!! Use what works for you.

This is an interesting observation. It illustrates the wide variety of brushes available because so many of us have different preferences.

I have several two band brushes. Some enthusiasts like them the stiffer the better to give a really good scrub during lathering. At another extreme I have some soft, floppy silvertips that provide a totally different experience. There are no rights or wrongs here. Each of us will find our own preferences. I find that I love the variety on offer in the world of wet shaving. Creams, soaps, razors and brushes - different types, shapes and sizes. And they can be used in varied combinations.

It's why all reviews should be treated with caution. There's only one way to find out if you like something!

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