Sunday, November 7, 2010

Silvertip Shaving brush prices

"Silvertip" is the softest and most luxurious of the shaving brush grades. There are variations. Finest Silvertip is resorted and redressed silvertip. Some brands use the term "Super" to describe their best silvertip. Others use the term to describe a lesser standard (Vulfix)

Here are a few examples of prices of some well known brands for some medium size brushes:

All are in the silvertip/super/finest silvertip category:

Vulfix 2235                  23 mm knot  50mm loft                 £152
Simpsons Tulip 2          22 mm          50 mm                      £108
Shavemac 177               23 mm          54 mm                      £75
Rooney 3/1 ST              22 mm           48 mm                     £65
Jagger medium              21 mm           50 mm                     £67
           large                  23 mm           50 mm                     £90
Thater 4125/0                22 mm           48 mm                     £87
Savile Row 3824            22 mm           52mm                     $98 exc tax.
Kent BK4                      22 mm           55 mm                    £50

I have used most of these brushes. They are fine brushes and a pleasure to use.

I quote this to show a comparison with the best value silvertip available today:

New Forest Finest Silvertip 2211  22 mm knot  48 mm loft   £35 inc. shipping.

Just a few now left!

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