Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shaving 101 - a really great site.

This blog is really a bit of fun for me, sharing some of my random thoughts and shaving experiences. I might stumble upon something useful but it's not my purpose to educate, you probably know more than I do about most things shaving.
There are some excelllent sites which set out to inform and educate. Mantics journal and videos are legendary. But if you really want to get some in depth insights on a variety of shave related topics, Shaving 101 is a really excellent site to follow.
Take this article on the care and use of shaving brushes, a subject of great interest to me just now as I develop my New Forest Brushes venture.
This is relevant to my previous post about the Simpsons advice. A couple of comments there are worth reflection.

But do take a look here, too:

Avoid brush damage ...

And at a discussion I started on SMF.

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