Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Forest High Mountain Badger 2221 - so far, so good!

This blooming brush has challenged my prejudices! I like reasonably dense brushes with adequate backbone - not too stiff, not too floppy,with soft tips. This makes them suitable for soaps and creams and lathering and applying it in a variety of ways.

This New Forest High Mountain 2221 isn't like that. It's what aficionados might describe as rather floppy or flexible, depending on how tactful they wish to be. That's what it would be to someone who strongly favours a dense knot with a firm backbone.

Among general shavers, softer, more floppy brushes are very popular. Edwin Jagger and Kent Brushes have several best sellers in this category.

Before offering these brushes for sale I wanted to give one a thorough test so that I could give a true description of how it performs. I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I have adapted to this brush. Without doubt it is best suited to lathering with creams in a bowl. It quickly delivers all the lather one could wish for. I then apply the lather to my face with swift to and fro motions using the tips of the brush, apply a few gentle circular massages then gently smooth over. This is in direct contrast to a vigorous session of scrubby face lathering, mashing down with the brush head so favoured by some. My approach has been to adopt the method favoured by Simpsons and illustrated in The Gentleman's Shop shaving video. The hair used in the making of this brush is exceptionally soft and the tips are so, so comfortable on your face. Pure luxury. 

So it's so far so good. I'll decide in the next week or two when and how I will start selling the brushes. 

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