Saturday, January 15, 2011

King of Shaves

I haven't used any King of Shaves products. But you have to admire their operation. I've just been browsing their website and blogs. Perhaps I might try some of their stuff for a change.

Quite a lot of choice:


  1. The Azor razor works well with KOS gels. The razor is interesting to use and I like the Y shape because you can see where you are about to shave. But oddly enough it was the Azor which led me to start DE shaving, because I was using the Azor with a shaving brush, cream, and bowl, and getting really good shaves.

    One idea that I have is an all metal, injector style single blade razor designed like the Azor. It may just work, but KOS are pretty much in the multiblade business. But who knows.