Sunday, January 9, 2011

Palmolive Supersoap!

Three palmolive soap sticks - around £1.60 in the UK - stuffed in a mini casserole dish, this arrangement works perfectly in enabling superb lather to be created. Today, my New Forest Finest Silvertip did the job. The palmolive lather is a match for just about any soap for any price. An added item today was a pre shave soap supplied as a sample by an artisan soap maker. I have no idea of the ingredients but my face after todays shave was softer than ever.  I'll comment again about this soap when I find out more about it. I really must get some more Proraso balm!


  1. Hello Peter,
    Just wondered how you "stuffed" the sticks in the dish. Did you grate the sticks or realy just "smashed" the soap in its new "home"?



  2. I just use my thumbs to push them down flat into the dish. Once you apply real pressure the soap becomes soft enough to push into place - like stiff plastercene!