Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to use your shaving brush

And how many of us follow this old advice offered by Simpsons for the use of their brushes?
A brush does actually do a very effective job used like this. But most of us cannot resist a nice scrub and using circular lathering motions. Perhaps I'll give the "right" way another try. 


  1. Shaving 101 had an article on this topic this month:

    Have you ever damaged a brush by "scrubbing"?

    --Guy Noir

  2. Guy

    I think the Shaving 101 article is quite important. It would be easy for me to say I have never damaged a brush by scrubbing. But I have so many brushes, I don't put any particular one to the test over a long period. If I had only one high quality brush and used it every day pressing down hard with scrubby massaging motions while lathering, it is likely to damage it after a while.
    This subject is very interesting. There is no doubt that most enthusiasts on the shaving forums prefer to face lather using these scrubby motions and are not too concerned about the long term effect on their brushes. Perhaps if people find that their more expensive brushes are not lasting long, there might be a change of habits.
    Recently, I have been lathering with the tips of my brushes in too and fro movements. And I find it a very pleasant experience. It feels quite luxurious and I still have excellent shaves. Perhaps we should all vary our lathering technique from time to time.