Friday, January 7, 2011

Martin de Candre

This is one of my favourite soaps. But expensive. And they charge 19 Euros (about £17) to ship to the UK. If I shipped it back to them it would cost about £4.

 A member of the Shaving Room Forum enquired about the possibility of a group buy. The reply?

Dear Sir,

Since we are a small scale family structure who prioritize individual customers, 
we are at a maximum capacity/resources and we don't sell to other resellers. Their words.

And we don't like selling outside of France so we charge an excessive amount for shipping to discourage demand. My words.

What a great position for a business to be in! But I'm unlikely to reorder when my soap is used up.


  1. A really curious point, as I know that there has been various spanish group buyers of this expensive soap which has been organised without any problem in two spanish shaving forums...

    And when I say "group buying group" I mean a minimum of 15 buyers, because you need to buy a minimum of 300 Euros to keep a real discount...

  2. I doubt there would be as many as 15 on TSR who would be interested!

  3. Yes, I don't understand well how people could be so many people who can spend about 40 euros in a single soap, although they think is the best... because 170 g. version is about 34 euros and you must add local post shipment costs from the person who buy all to local address of each group buyer...

  4. This response is, in my eyes, entirely retarded.

    Its not like your selling on for profit, just organising a group buy so that people can avoid massive shipping costs and make it EASIER for the supplier!

    "We rip off other countries on shipping because we dont want their business."


  5. M de C have now reduced their shipping charge to the UK to 6 euros for a 170g jar of shaving soap. So I may re order soon.