Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Forest Shaving Brush samples

Samples arrived of the first brush I am considering launching under the "New Forest" brand. A finest/super 2 band knot of 22mm and loft of 50mm. They will be tested by me and another shaving forum member in the coming days. One bulb shape and one fan shape. Here are the brushes out of the box (above).

And here they are after a few test runs. I'm delighted with their performance. Over the past few weeks I have tested over 50 brushes during the writing of my shaving brush blog. These sit comfortably among the best high end brushes. A nice balance of density and softness with excellent flow through which will work well with soaps and creams and suit face and bowl latherers. The fan shape is softer and more flexible than the bulb shape so may suit cream users rather more than the bulb shape. I will consider whether or not to obtain samples with extra hair and greater density for the fan shape. Not sure at present. Further testing of both brushes will continue in the coming days. I need to decide whether to go with one or both of the brush shapes.

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