Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Forest Oak Brushes - a first attempt.

My first attempt at hand made brushes. Both are made from some readily available New Forest oak. Although practical and durable, I don't think oak would be a popular choice for a handle so I will use other woods if I make any to offer for sale. On the left is a two-band Finest with extra hair from Golden Nib, the other a Best Badger knot obtained directly from a supplier in China. Production by a local village craftsman in the New Forest. I'm really delighted with the result. Both brushes are excellent all rounders.

I'm now deciding which knots to use for a batch of similar brushes, have identified a source for the supply of wenge which I intend to try out before deciding on next steps.

Expecting more samples of complete brushes from China in the next few days. And another custom made brush in wenge to try out another best badger knot with extra hair.

Will soon have enough experience and information to produce my first very limited range of brushes which I might offer for sale.


  1. Looks great !!!! New brushes are always exciting. Have you used them yet. I have a brush from penworks which has a knot from the golden nib (same owner) but how do you like your knot/brush that is handmade? How do they compare cost wise VS quality?

  2. I like the Golden nib knot and the knot I bought directly from China. I have used both. They are excellent. Knot quality is important. But so too is the loft and the size of the handle opening to ensure the right proportions to get the best out of the knot. These were one off made by a friend/craftsman. Cost way, way, below the retail prices charged by well known suppliers. The hand made handles may not be perfect but will be functional and last for years. If it's value you want, make your own or get someone who does it as a hobby to do it for you.