Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Venture - update

On 20 February I wrote about research into the making of shaving brushes. One manufacturer sent me sample brushes which did not perform as I had hoped. So I respecified a brush to be made with a 22x64 knot to be set at a loft of 52mm. Four brushes arrived - average loft 49mm. Now I know there will always be small variations in brushes compared with advertised specs. But you would think that someone would ensure that a sample was to the correct spec! 3mm loft difference is significant, and the brushes were just a little too stiff/dense. So I requested just two more samples to be made at the 52mm spec I had ordered and paid for. I was told that they would only send more samples if I paid for them and was promised a refund on my first order. I was not happy about that!

I still have one more manufacturer I am dealing with and expect more samples soon.