Friday, April 16, 2010

Cold water shaving

Cold water shaving? Much discussion on shaving forums about this recently. I hate the idea but it's good to know that I can survive if my boiler packs up. Until then, I'm sticking with hot water and warm lather.


  1. I've been cold-water shaving for a while now.

    To me, the idea of warming the skin to a high degree and then shaving seems like it's asking for un-needed trouble. Skin seems more pliable and soft when it's wet and hot, which could lead to injuries easier. Just my opinion though. Counts millions will disagree.


    I do personally like to think that if my grandfathers could both shave without crying into their ration packs at Arnheim and god knows where else in WW2 using cold water and (I'm guessing here) soap and blades probably slightly inferior to my current set-up, then it should be more than good enough for me.

    Another interesting point is that there are a few old-time shaving manuals kicking around the internet (see:
    which actually is a good introduction to cold-water shaving), and these all talk about cold water being beneficial, so there's at least something to it.

    One thing I do notice though is that the beard is tougher / louder to cut through. Probably because they are less pliable. At least they aren't being skipped over I guess.

    But hot or cold, badger or boar, feather or derby, soap or cream, it's all good!