Friday, April 16, 2010

New Forest Brushes

New Forest Brushes is now established. For anyone who may stumble upon this blog for the first time this is how it began. I started blogging about bells after having done a lot of research and had put together a collection of bells by famous foundries. After becoming interested in traditional wet shaving I decided to write this blog. Then I had the idea of researching all about shaving brushes just as I did with my bells, collecting examples across price ranges and brands and publishing another blog. I began to think it would be fun to specify and have made my own brand of shaving brushes to sell to shaving enthusiasts and collectors. During my research I identified several manufacturers of shaving brushes and made contact with two to provide me with samples. I have now placed an order for a single first brush - a Superior Badger two band that I think is a superb brush. It should be because the manufacturer supplies knots and handles for other famous brands. The factory is based in China. Some people still have reservations about the quality of Chinese products. It's absurd really. About half the world's goods are now made in China. My Apple computers are made there. I really don't think they should have trouble making top quality shaving brushes. It's where the badger hair comes from.Mine will have hand made knots and lathe turned handles which are polished by hand.They will be excellent value for money. After I have assessed feedback from this first project others may follow. I will either have a successful venture or a an even larger collection of brushes! First launch should be in a few months.

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