Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shave of the day

Shave of the day (SOTD) is a regular feature on shaving forums. A useful source of ideas and informal feedback about products. I've decided to add some to my blog. Starting today.
My new ridged bowl is becoming one of my most valued accessories. Big enough to work up great lathers. Today it was my Rooney Finest 1/2. Although expensive - at $299 simply too much - I only bought it to complete my shaving brush blog - it does a fine job with creams. And it feels sumptuous as you paint it on your face. With a loft of 56 mm it is a little too big for comfortable face lathering.
The DR Harris Rose is a relatively new product. A match for any of the rose creams. My Merkur 38C was on duty today with a Red personna - a very close comfortable shave. Who nicked the Merkur?

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