Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I didn't buy any shaving stuff yesterday. Bought this Apple Magic Mouse instead. I wish I'd bought one earlier. It's magic!

I paid £56 for it in the UK. How much is it in the USA? or elsewhere?


  1. $69 shipped here in the US, when bought from Amazon

  2. The £56 we pay in the UK includes 17.5% VAT (our sales Tax)
    At 1.59 $/£ the USA price is £43.40.

    Even allowing for sales tax you get better deal! It's why I do a lot of shopping when I visit my daughter in Dallas!

  3. Brilliant Peter, so this is what you get up to while Ruth is out with her girlies who lunch and giggle! Thinking of getting magic mice for the boys for Christmas glad it comes with your recommendation. Happy Shaving....

  4. There's no secrets any more!