Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favourites - Jagger Chatsworth

All enthusiasts get tempted to try several razors. I suppose I tried around 20 new and old. My most recent being a new Feather Stainless Steel razor costing £130 and an old Shavex featured in my previous post. There are few rights and wrongs and we all have our personal preferences. I don't like aggressive razors that must be handled with great care to avoid razor burn or nicks and cuts even with mild blades. But nor do I like a razor that doesn't feel as though it is removing any hair. I like to feel the blade on my skin, but not too close. I'm not too keen on short handled light razors either. This is why this Jagger Chatsworth is just about my favourite razor. It weighs in at 110 grams with an overall length of 11.3 cm. A razor with a solid feel and just the right amount of aggressiveness for me. As with razors I also prefer blades neither too sharp or too mild. So I use most often Red Personna and Gillette Super Thin blades - they serve me well in this razor.

There's a bit more information here:

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