Sunday, December 5, 2010

Big brushes

They don't get any bigger than this. My favourite size brush has a knot of 22 mm with a loft of about 50 mm. A good compromise as a versatlle brush for use with soaps creams and any type of lathering. The Simpsons Polo 14 is the largest brush on the market for the general shaver. Some bigger ones are made for display only. That's what this ought to be, too.

The Polo stands 139 mm with a loft of 57 mm and a 34mm knot. The Best Badger hair is very soft and produces huge amounts of lather. This is best painted on your face but the sheer size of the head makes it difficult to control. It's a novelty and fun to use, but not a serious option for regular use. I'm pleased to have it in my collection.

This gives some idea of how it compares with the size of a Chubby 2, Tulip 1 and Wee Scott.

But I did get through my shave with the excellent Body Shop Maca Root cream, balm and Jagger Chatsworth razor with a Gillette Super Thin blade.

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