Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming shortly

I'm taking a break at the moment. My New Forest High Mountain 2221 Badger brushes will be available in January. When things settle down after they go on sale I will be releasing a few brushes I am having made locally in the New Forest. I enjoy doing this. I pop over to my craftsman to discuss details, he pops over to me with samples, and we sit and chat about everything but brushes! He makes superb model aircraft and boats for enthusiasts who fly and sail the models. Shaving brushes are a bit of light relief for him.

For now, we are sticking to a handle shape like these. The handles of these brushes are Tambootie, a naturally waterproof African hardwood sealed with a lacquer. Other materials will include alternative ivory, ebony and alpalina - a white striped resin. I will post details of brushes for sale on my New Forest Brushes Blog when available next year.

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