Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feather Stainless Steel Razor

I mentioned this acquistion a few days ago.

I have now used the Feather Razor with three different blades, including the Feather blade.

That it is comfortable to use, there is no doubt. You get the feeling, even with a Feather blade, that it is gliding across the surface of your skin so smoothly that you are left wondering if it has removed anything at all. And it has. But only the Feather blade produced the really close shave I am used to getting with my other razors in regular use - a Jagger Chatsworth and Merkur 38C. But the Feather blade leaves my skin feeling sore for several hours. It seems to me that I either put up with having a less close shave than I like or have a close shave and put up with some discomfort after my shave. Having developed my technique with my other razors to the point where I get an incredibly close shave with no irritation it really is a no brainer. The Feather razor is really not for me. I think it will be better appreciated by someone who already enjoys the use of Feather blades so it will soon appear at a very reasonable price in the B/S/T section of "The Shaving Room" forum where I post most often.


  1. I also had some issues with my Feather blades to the point that they were unusable...but I'm able to get great shaves with this razor. I can get at least 5 comfortable shaves out of a feather blade and this razor.

    I have found that Astra Superior Platinum give me a superb shave as well, but a blade only last two shaves.

    I'm so used to the Feather Razor, that is pretty much all I use now (I have a chromed EJ chatsworth, EJ 89, Mhule 89, Gilette Slim, Super Adjustable, Slant, in my current arsenal.)

    My recommendation is not to give up the razor yet.


  2. Thanks. But I have tried Feather blades quite a lot now and they have the same effect every time!

  3. Awesome! Economical and light-weight razor that offers a close and comfortable shave. of metal. These sharp double edge blades are made from high class stainless steel, which has been surface treated with platinum for optimal comfort.

  4. They remain just too sharp for me!

  5. As most of us men know, the cost of disposable razors has been rising consistently over the past 10 to 15 years. Razor manufacturers have been adding extra blades, moisturizing strips and raised rubber strips to lift the hairs.