Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sales booming

There has been a fantastic reaction to my launch of the New Forest Superior Badger 2201 brush.

This little fellow has now invaded England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Sweden Australia, Singapore and Italy. Feedback has been entirely positive and fair. Someone thought it didn't have the same stiff backbone as some of the Simpsons two bands. That's right but the loft of 50 mm enables it to have adequate backbone for hard soaps but also makes it a great brush with creams. Someone also pointed out the slight imperfections in logo print. That's fair too, and something I want my manufacturer to address.

I'm likely to sell out my stocks of this brush soon. I'll take a break then to assess feedback before launching my next brush. After gradually introducing new brushes I will be able to decide my future strategy. Perhaps a very small standard range plus regular small limited numbers of different handle shapes from time to time.

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