Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Forest Brushes - the skeptics

 Since launching New Forest Brushes, some people have questioned my integrity by implying that my enquiries about brush manufacturers for my shaving brush blog was for the purpose of starting my own business.

These are the facts.I'm an experienced blogger. I do a lot of research for my blogs. My first major blog was about bells. I studied the world of bells, contacted and visited some world famous bell foundries and assembled a large collection of bells as examples of the work of these famous foundries, past and present. This was the result:

                                            Fido's Bell Collection Blog

When I started to take an interest in shaving as a hobby it was inevitable that I would chart my journey in another blog. So Fido's Shaving Blog was published. I started to really enjoy collecting shaving brushes, and I decided to research them using the same approach I had adopted for my bell blog. So I looked at all aspects of choosing and using brushes. And then I wanted to find out who made them and how. Having visited bell foundries I thought it would be nice to visit a shaving brush factory and write something of interest to enthusiasts. Then I started to hit brick walls. First, I had a polite refusal from Kent. Then I completely failed even to make contact with Rooney about whom I knew little at the time. I had excellent cooperation from Vulfix - they were very helpful - at no time did I ask to visit their factory. After my reactions from Kent and failure to find anything useful out about Rooney, I did not contact other manufacturers for information.

It was during my research that I discovered that there were allegations on internet forums about the country of origin of some famous shaving brush brands. My enquiries led me to some Chinese manufacturers. Out of curiosity, I sought information about typical Chinese production costs for bulk quantities of shaving brushes. I was amazed. But I should not have been. Wages and overheads are so low in China that many goods are made at a fraction of the cost in the West. It's why most of the goods we buy are made in China.

I often read on shaving forums that enthusiasts would love to have the chance to use some top quality badger brushes but were reluctant to pay the high prices.

I love my sivertip and two band brushes. I can afford to buy them. And I have a lot.

So I thought wouldn't it be a good idea to have a few top quality brushes made to my specification. I could invest a relatively small amount of capital, take a modest return, and make it possible for shaving enthusiasts to enjoy great quality at an affordable price.

Since launching my first New Forest Brush I have been delighted with the response. They are selling so well, I'm very busy.

So busy, that I wonder just how many more brushes I wish to design and sell.

It may be impossible for some people to believe, but not everyone is motivated by money. I was lucky enough to retire early on a pension that means I don't need to work.

So if skeptics still think after reading this that my enquiries about the makers of their shaving brushes was motivated by an unscrupulous desire to take advantage for my own business purposes - think again.

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  1. Hi, I have run across your blog several times as I looked for decent shaving brushes at a cost I can afford. If you have a lead for me I'd love it!! I make pottery shaving mugs and could use a decent brush to offer. Thanks