Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brush testing

Another brush trial. My woodturner finally confirmed it is not easy using oak for brush handles. So I'm looking for other suitable woods. But I like these little brushes. One is a 22mm Finest Silvertip knot with a 50mm loft that I will use for my next New Forest brush 2202 in faux ivory.
The two band knot is the one I used for the New Forest Superior Badger 2201.
Both brushes will be retained in my collection for now.


  1. That's an absolutely gorgeous brush, I really hope you make a production version! If the pricing is as excellent as the 2201 I'll snap it up in an instant.

  2. It's a bit rough and ready but I really love the oak. But my woodturner has difficulty in using the wood. I do have one I could let you buy at a fair price Abu, so email me at if you are interested.