Monday, July 26, 2010

New Forest 2202 - testing, testing.

I tried my 2202 two band sample brush - a sort of rounded fan shape - with a 46mm loft today. I just used string to simulate the effect. It really works superbly at this setting. I like this handle with a plinth like base and perhaps the string can be converted into a ring at the top? And I wonder if I can get the roundness into a rather flatter fan shape. I will ponder on and talk to my friend far away. These details matter.


  1. Argh, one more brush i'll absolutely have to have Fido. I love my 2201, but the new handle shape your suggesting there, along with the possibility of a decorative ring at the base of the knot (the only thing i miss about my C&E brush) would make this a must buy for me.

    All the best

    Shrink (TSR member)

  2. Unfortuately the ring was not part of my final spec. for my Finest Silvertip but I may ask for it for the fan shape two band if it's feasible. Tha main thing I wanted was for the base to have a plinth like character.