Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Never complain, never explain - maxim suspended.

I have been the subject of discussion on some forums since launching my first New Forest brush.

I was banned from Badger and Blade following a discussion about why a thread I started had been moved without explanation. I thought the moderator had shown a lack of sensitivity and tolerance towards an enthusiastic new member. So I used a typically British way of expressing my frustration by using a phrase that might have been expressed in full but I thought that would be inappropriate - so I put it like this:

"I wish I hadn't bovered"

If I had thought that this would cause offence to a nation whose President's wife's favourite TV programme is "The Wire" I would not have used the phrase. Of course I regretted it, but the ban was immediate, there was no chance to express an apology because I was immediately blocked from the website.

Sadly, for a variety of reasons many people are banned from B&B in a manner that has caused great resentment on other forums around the world where there is often common membership.Sometimes there may be good reason. But surely a system should be in place to ensure people think they are being fairly treated.

People join forums mostly because they want fun by sharing information and opinions about a hobby of passionate interest. Sometimes people say things they regret.They should still be treated fairly and with tolerance.

I am just one unimportant example of how a difference in culture and use of language can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings.

My children think that it rather amusing that a respected former Chief Executive of a large UK Local Government Authority still had it in him to get banned from a shaving forum.

Personally, I think it's a sad world when adults cannot resolve differences in a tolerant gentlemanly manner.

I would like to rejoin Badger and Blade and be given the opportunity to apologise for my indiscretion. But no doubt some will think my motive is connected with my New Forest Brushes venture. But that's another story which I will deal with in another post.

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