Monday, December 5, 2011

Red personna

I tried a lot of different blades when I returned to a DE razor. These are the blades I now use every day in my Jagger Chatsworth razor. Not too sharp - just right for me. We all have different skin so one blade will not suit everyone but if you do find some blades a bit too sharp these are worth a try. Mine cost £15 for 200 from The Gentleman's Shop in Hungerford. At 7.5p each they are a lot less than the Mach 3 blades I was using. And they last me from 4 to 7 days.


  1. I use the same blades as well. And similar razor Mühle R89 (same head). But, You've been had, I paid £12 for 200 from connaught. Only for members of TSR. Even cheaper per blade, so you can spend more on a nice shaving cream.

  2. When I need some more in a few years I must check around for the best deal. I did pick them up while visiting Hungerford, so no postage!