Saturday, December 17, 2011

The first New Forest brush

This was my first New Forest brush. A limited edition of one! Made for me in England using a 24mm extra hair knot from The Golden Nib. The logo was added later. I learn something from all my one off brushes. The loft of 51mm is really too low. The extra hair meant that it probably should have been set at a higher loft. It would still have retained sufficient backbone but then released the lather better. This does hog lather although it is still an excellent brush for use with hard soaps as well as creams. It was after this that I began to think about the feasibility of making small batches of brushes to my specification and creating my own brand. Then I decided that if Kent Brushes could adopt an English County name for a brand then perhaps "New Forest" might be a good choice for a new shaving brush brand name. 

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