Thursday, December 8, 2011

Face or bowl lathering.

No - not me, just a free stock photo. I've been doing a bit of scrubby style face lathering these past few days. So very different to gently painting on lather made in a bowl. I must say that after a good facial scrub with the brush my skin feels exceptionally soft. While painting on the lather is a more luxurious experience it doesn't seem to leave the skin feeling quite so good. It got me thinking about which method is likely to be more beneficial to my skin. Anyone got any thoughts about this?

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  1. Fido, I hope you stick with it! I've all but abandoned my stack of bowls and skuttles up on the top shelf of the shave cabinet.

    I much prefer face lather, partly because of the exfoliation and partly because I have much better control building lather and seem to use less product.

    I fill the basin with hot water and soak the brush (I have become a Semogue Boar Whore lately). While the brush is soaking I add some water to the soap. Before loading the brush I shake/squeeze it almost dry. The water on the soap gets the brush loaded well and then it to the face, dipping the bristles in the warm warm to hydrate the brush. So, I get a few nice burst of warm water as the lather builds.

    My routine is pretty standard fare, but I find face lathering extremely therapeutic and it adds to my morning experience.