Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the future

An interesting shave today. I soon relearnt that you don't need a thick creamy lather with a 5 blade cartridge. So a quick swirl over the Cade and a thin coating of lather was quite enough for the Wilkinson Hydro to do its job. Three really quick passes without feeling anything was coming off gave me a very close smooth and comfortable shave rounded off with a low cost Wilkinson Balm. Shave over in half the usual time and off out for an early breakfast. I still prefer my more leisurely DE shave with a thick creamy lather but if time is a bit short the Hydro is an excellent alternative. The brush is a real buffalo horn silvertip from Trumpers.


  1. you'll be getting rid of the bullet next for a fireblade !

  2. Never! But perhaps.............