Sunday, August 7, 2011

TSR meet

Thousands of enthusiasts post on shaving forums. Few ever meet. Some will always have reservations about meeting people who post anonymously on the internet. The Shaving Room is a UK based shaving forums. One of the members, Mikael from Sweden, intended to visit London this August and suggested that members of the forum might like to join him and visit some of the famous london Barber/Gentleman's shops followed by a few drinks in a London Pub.

So on Saturday 6 August 2011  a small group of us met up with Mikael and visited Trumpers. Taylors of Bond Street, DR Harris and Truefitt & Hill. We followed up with a few drinks at The Chequers Pub in Duke Street. We all had a great time. A few gifts were exchanged, we had a raffle that raised some money for charity, bought a few more things we didn't need and returned home having made a few more friends. If you are a member of a shaving forum and it's feasible to arrange a meet, go for it!

A few reminders of the day:

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