Monday, August 29, 2011

Badger & Blade

My troubles with Badger & Blade are well documented and I have no wish to add more about my personal case. It's past, and I have no wish to be involved there any more. But as a member of several shaving forums I still like to know what's going on around the internet shaving community.

I knew about this thread, but I only recently took a look at it in detail. It's quite remarkable. Joel, the man behind B&B, registered as a member of this forum and submitted some most interesting posts making offers to disaffected former members of his site and giving his take on the issues raised by the thread.

Take a look here:

Pogonotomy Shaving forum - thread about B&B.

If not a member you will need to register to access the link. To do that, you go to:

Pogonotomy Forum

Sorry about this, I hadn't realised when I first published this post that the thread can only be accessed by forum members. But it does make interesting reading! The thread is in the General off topic area and titled "Who else here was banned for life by B&B"


  1. what the thread title and section? the link requires a login, which I don't have and wont register.

  2. Sorry Nathan

    I now realise that the link cannot be accessed unless you are a registered member of the forum. So if interested you must go to and register. The thread is in the General off topic area and titled "Who else here was banned for life by B&B"

  3. I find it odd that Joel made those overtures on a forum that is essentially dead.

    I stopped reading Pogonotomy when Bruce was trolling his own forum.

  4. Agreed,

    Greg seemed a perfectly reasonable guy, didn't he? I stick mainly to my UK TSR forum these days. I keep an eye on several forums from time to time. I sense that things are getting a bit stale and that growth in numbers is slowing down.