Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rotating too often?

An essential aspect of treating shaving as a special interest or hobby is building up a collection of products to use. So most of us end up with perhaps too much of everything. So we tend to change things often - be it razors, blades, brushes, creams, soaps and so on. By doing so we may enjoy the variety but I sometimes think we end up not getting the best out of what we have. Each product takes time to understand how to best use it. If we change things frequently perhaps we run the risk of never quite getting what we are after - a smooth comfortable and enjoyable shave. I'm going to start extending the time I use each combination of products. Just for a change!


  1. Yes, absolutely! Sometimes it's not the variety of experiences I'm after but the best possible experience of a close shave. When I've found it, I stick with it and hope to repeat it every day shaving. Hence, for some time now, I've been using Omega bristle brushes with Pro Raso soap, and the Merkur HD razor. Confession: I've been sampling different DE blades: Shark, Astra, Gillette 7 o'clock (yellow), Treet, Wilkinson, so I guess my little formulation does break down. Of late, I'm sticking with the Cobra razor fed with Feather SE pro blades. Almost like a cut-throat shave in outcome or so I'm told!

  2. I use a Jagger Chatsworth with a red personna most days but tend to vary brush/soap/cream too often. I'm determined to break the habit and give a brush and/or cream a longer run.