Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The final squeeze!

I had another perfect shave today. Just thought I'd describe my current ritual:

Select team of the day and leave brush soaking in warm water.


Rinse face again and leave wet.

Lather in a bowl after allowing water to drip out of brush with the tiniest of flicks before making the lather adding more water as needed. I go for midway between thick and fluffy lather.

Paint on the lather with just the briefest of circular swirls before painting over to smooth.

Shave with light short strokes - down, up and across to centre.

Then, the final squeeze - I love this bit. The remaining lather in the brush into my hand for applying by hand for a final light tidy up. If I ever leave this step out I regret it. I always seem to leave something a bit rough.

Rinse with hot tap water, then cold.

And with face still damp, apply balm of the day.

No pre shave, no alum - they just do nothing for me.

And here I am, three hours later still gently stroking that baby smooth skin.

And to think of how many years I spent just scraping of the goo every which way with a cartridge razor.

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