Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Simpsons

I bought these to include in Fido's Shaving brush blog. These are among the smaller Simpsons brushes. Two things stand out for me about these brushes. They confirm my preference for brushes in the 20/22mm knot range and the 48/50mm loft range. I found each of these brushes just a bit too small for my personal comfort zone. The B1 Pure, Keyhole 2 Best and Emperor 1 Super are 18/42mm, 20/45mm and 19/44mm.

And also it struck me that the feel of the Best was really only just a little softer and less scritchy than the Pure, and the feel of the Super only marginally softer and scritchy than the Best. We pay a very high price for marginal improvements in "quality". But perhaps that is true of countless products. It is most certainly true in relation to many of the better known shaving brush brand names.

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